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Indiana UXPA Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association

The Indiana Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association was formed in October 2002.

World Usability Day

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World Usability Day 2017 - November 9
Hosted by Launch Fishers
For more information visit the Indiana World Usability Day Website.

Don’t forget to save the date – November 9, 2017.

Chapter Meetings

Monday, March 19, 2018 5:30pm (IKEA Fishers Home Furnishings) - March Chapter Meeting

Plan to meet with us at the new IKEA in Fishers, IN, this March to learn about the IKEA experience and a fun activity! More details to follow, so stay tuned! Anyone with an interest in user experience (UX) is welcome to attend. This is a FREE event.

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5:30pm-6:00pm: Meet-and-greet
6:00pm: Presentation and activity

IKEA Fishers Home Furnishings, 11400 IKEA Way, Fishers, IN 46037 (View map)

Previous Chapter Meetings

Monday, February 19, 2018 5:30pm (Game On esports Center) - February Chapter Meeting

Learn about the latest technology and trends in the ever growing eSports market as we explore the gaming experience, try out some eSports games, participate in a group activity, and network with other local professionals!

Monday, January 22, 2018 5:30pm (Launch Fishers) - Chapter Business and Planning

Join us for our next UXPA event. We will be having our annual business and planning session for the coming year. If you’re interested in meeting other User Experience professionals, learning more about UX, or helping to plan this year’s events, we’d love to see you there! This is a FREE event.

Wednesday, September 13, 5:30pm (Launch Fishers) - UXPA International Review

Anyone with an interest in user experience (UX) or game design is welcome to attend. This is a FREE event.

Tuesday, June 30, 5:30pm (Vision 3 Studios, Indianapolis) - Creating Affective Applications
How do you design great experiences? At the crossroads of game design and user experience are affective applications, or products that make us feel a certain way. Games are inherently affective applications. They change the way a player or end-user feels whether through motivation, aesthetics, morality, or social dimensions. Join us for a chat on how you can use the “affective element” to design better games and products. Presented by Dr. David Whittinghill of Purdue Polytechnic Institute Co-hosted event between IGDA and Indiana UXPA.

Tuesday, May 19, 5:30pm (Launch Fishers, Fishers) - Can’t I just copy success?
Can’t I just copy success? No, not really. Why you need to do user experience research involving the appropriate people as you design your website, product, or service. Come and explore the use of research tools to help you learn more about how people think and work. A good introduction to the UX process and a fun review for UX groupies. Presented by Suzi Shapiro of GravityDrive.

Tuesday, April 28, 5:30pm (InDesign, Indianapolis) - Eye Tracking
Eye tracking demonstration by Alex Larence of SMI Vision. This presentation will cover how eye tracking fits into the UX evaluation and development process, review the capabilities and limitations of eye tracking, set up experiments, demonstrate qualitative and quantitative analysis options and offer attendees an opportunity to use the eye tracking equipment with static and dynamic stimuli (Yes, this means audience participation).

Tuesday, March 24, 5:30pm (IUPUI Campus, Indianapolis) - From Critique to Collaboration: A Fundamental Rethinking of Computerized Clinical Alerts
The long-term goal of this project is to identify critical social, communication and cognitive factors that can inform a fundamental rethinking of effective Drug-Drug Interaction alerts (DDI alerts) for physicians. Specifically, our objective is to uncover, demonstrate and evaluate novel principles for effective and novel alert design that are based on what physicians consider important when sharing advice from peers in the context of their daily clinical activities.

Tuesday, February 24, 6:00pm (Izakaya, Indianapolis) - Chapter Business Meeting
Review of 2014 activities and financial report, election of chapter officers for 2015 and planning for meetings and other activities/events for 2015.